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About Saint Michael

Saint Michael Lutheran Church is the little church with the big heart! We are a close and caring community, strengthening our faith journey in worship and outreach. We walk with our sisters and brothers through worship, learning, and fellowship. Our traditional liturgical service includes weekly communion. There’s a place for you in our family!

Our Most Recent Action Team Events

Our Program of Ministry

Sunday Worship

Saint Michael holds a Traditional Worship Service with Communion every Sunday at 11:00am.


We welcome men, women and children of all ages to join our Sunday Worship Choir (regardless of singing talent!).

Crochet-2-Comfort Ministry (Prayer Shawl Donation)

A Prayer Shawl is a soft, warm shawl, knitted or crocheted, which is given to persons who are ill, have suffered a loss, or are in the midst of a crisis

Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation is the time when young people declare for themselves that they will live out the promises made for them by their parents and sponsors in their baptism.

Food Pantry Support

One of the essential ministries at Saint Michael is our food pantry to serve our brothers and sisters who struggle with financial challenges and need support to feed their households.

Support Our Troops Initiative

Saint Michael cares deeply for those who currently serve, for those who have donned the cloth of our nation in uniform, and for those who served our nation and live in our communities.

Lutheran Men in Mission

This mission disciples men by personally modeling the character of Jesus by living and leading a lifestyle to help transform them from having an inward focus to a culture of naturally loving and serving our neighbors.

Our History

On January 1, 1964, a young and vibrant pastor by the name of Jack L. Davis began work in northern High Point as a mission developer of what was then the Board of American Missions of the Lutheran Church in America. Work brought results fairly rapidly because the first meeting of the planning committee occurred on February 27, on the church site, North Main Street at Skeet Club Road.

On that occasion, Pastor Davis said, “God has set before us a vision of what His Church is and what we might become. Part of that vision includes the completion of our building . . . a place where the hungry will come to feed on His Word. . . where the repentant will receive in the Holy Communion the strength to live for God . . . where young and old will come for Holy Baptism. . . where people will gather for worship, praise and thanksgiving to God for all His blessings, and to enjoy fellowship with Him and with other Christians . . . . We have two convictions: that it is God’s will to see His people grow, and that God never asks us to do anything He does not also give the strength and ability to do.”

The first Interest Meeting was on March 22 at Oakview Methodist Church. April 5, the first service was conducted at Oakview Elementary School with 102 present. In rapid succession: Sunday School began two weeks later, Charter Sunday was November 15 and the congregation was organized as St. Michael’s Lutheran Church on December 20, 1964, with 61 adults and 50 children.

Being named after one of God’s messengers, St. Michael Church has a commitment to mission. At the time the name was chosen, the church bulletin stated that just as the angels are messengers of God, we should also serve as “Messengers of God with the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

The building designed by member and architect Norman Zimmerman was dedicated to “a specific high and holy purpose, the worship of God.” on May 7, 1967. In 1984 the Founders Annex was added providing new office and conference space. It was dedicated in memory of Charter Members who had passed on.

Now a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Pastor Davis’ dream remains the vision of our ministry – to be a community “where the hungry will come to feed on [God’s] Word and where the repentant will receive in the Holy Communion the strength to live for God.”

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