Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Mark 4:26-34

It seems basic information that when we plant a seed, we know only that it grows. We might even be able to explain what happens to cause growth. But here Jesus’ point is sound: First the grain and then the ear then the full grain in the ear. The transformation remains a mystery. But our farmer does know when the corn is ripe and knows what do to when it is time.Continue Reading

Day of Pentecost John 15:26-27

We celebrate Pentecost, as well we ought to, as the birthday of the church. The moment at which the Holy Spirit came down, indwelling in everyone present, the moment at which the church became more than just individuals in community and began to live and move and have its being as an institution in the world.Continue Reading

Fifth Sunday of Easter John 15:1-8

This passage in Acts (8:26-40) is called, “Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch.” As the Rev. Dr. Mitzi Smith writes, if it had a name, like Philip, we would miss out on what the story is telling us.  This man is a person from Ethiopia. Here is a person from the very farthest reaches of the known world, from sub-Saharan Africa. God’s love is not bound by geography but reaches farther than we can imagine.Continue Reading

Fourth Sunday of Easter John 10:11-18

We’ve all heard the criticism of sheep. They’re dumb. They’ll follow the first sheep who moves. They smell bad. It’s true! Actual wool from an actual sheep – before it’s sheared, cleaned, combed, spun, and dyed into yarn – stinks and, you’ll get lanolin all over your hands, too.Continue Reading

Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24:36b-48

Today’s Gospel reading is only part of the story. The first part, of course, is that walk along the road to Emmaus, when two disciples walked with him, and talked with him, and did not know him as Jesus. And then he joined them around the table.Continue Reading