Time after Pentecost Mark 4:26-34 June 13, 2021

  Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Today we continue with Mark’s Gospel and hear another pair of parables as Jesus is teaching the people and his disciples.  Jesus shares two parables, both involving a person sowing seeds and waiting on the harvest.Continue Reading

The Holy Trinity Isaiah 6:1-8 May 30, 2021

The Dance of the Trinity

I had heard it was an awesome site.  I had seen pictures of it.  I even saw it once on a video.  But when I saw it for myself, I was blown away.  I was standing on the southern edge of the Grand Canyon.  Before me was the deepest gorge I had ever seen.  It was miles to the northern edge.  The intricate different colors of different layers of rock were truly awesome to behold.   And very subtly the colors gradually changed as the sun moved across the sky.  I took picture after picture, but still I was being encountered by an action of God that began millions of years ago and was still being formed. It was beyond being captured by a photo or even description.Continue Reading

Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-21 May 23, 2021

The Yet; Not Yet

It was the celebration of the first harvest of the year.  Jerusalem was filled with pilgrims from all the known world.  The disciples were in the Upper Room praying eagerly awaiting the power from on high that Jesus had promised before ascending to be with his Father.  And suddenly there was the rush of a mighty wind like we recently experienced in Greensboro.  There was a mighty wind containing rain and hail.  It was so powerful, and the hail was so strong it was hard to see out the window and I wondered if we were going to experience a tornado.Continue Reading

Ascension Sunday Acts 1:1-11 5/16/2021

Do you want wisdom?

For more than 50 days since Jesus rose from the dead, he spent time with his disciples giving them final instructions.  Now the time came for Jesus to return to his father and just before leaving, he tells them after he ascends to his Father in Heaven they are to go to Jerusalem, pray and await the coming of God’s power from on high, the Holy Spirit.Continue Reading

Sixth Sunday of Easter John 15:9-17 5/9/2021

What is Peter Telling Us?


There is a message of Christianity that is often forgotten, especially since there are so many denominations often at war with each other; all human beings are brothers and sisters created and loved by the same God.  Jesus came to break down the walls we have built between each other and to discover we are called to look out for each other as members of the same family, and to be saved from the power of sin and death by him.Continue Reading

Fourth Sunday of Easter Psalm 23 April 25, 2021

While Running from the Shepherd, I fell into his arms.

Friends of ours in Ohio had a farm.  One of the things they did was to raise sheep.  They were amazed at what they discovered about sheep.  Sheep are very strong willed and often fight with each other.  If there is a weak sheep in their midst, they will not let them get to the feed trough and the animal eventually dies of starvation.Continue Reading

Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24:36b-48 4/18/2021

Flesh and Bones

He is risen.  He is risen indeed.  This is the theme of the Easter Season.  Jesus, who once suffered and died, has risen from the dead; sent the Holy Spirit to establish and empower the Church; and is living proof that life is stronger than death; good is stronger than evil; love is stronger that hate; and no sin is beyond God’s forgiveness and resurrection power.Continue Reading